Driver Epson LQ-1170 Download? No You No Need

Abis ganti OS dari windows XP ke win7, mau instal printer Epson LQ-1170 ternyata gak ada di list nya, ane cari di google gak ada juga tuh driver Epson LQ-1170 for Windows 7. solusinya?

Epson-LQ-1170Ternyata mudah banget solusinya cuma pasang printer seperti biasa tapi jenis printernya bukan LQ-1170 tapi pakai Epson seris 1 (136). ya seperti biasa add new printer lalu local printer lalu cari epson dan pada type printer pilih  Epson seris 1 (136)

after replace OS from Windows XP to win 7, want to install the printer Epson LQ-1170 it turns out there is not in its list, I search in google not available Epson LQ-1170 drivers for Windows 7. The solution? It turns very easily solution just plug the printer as usual but not the type of printer LQ-1170 but use Epson seris 1 (136). yes as usual add new printers then local printer ago epson search and the type of printer select Epson seris 1 (136) drivers do not need anymore.. sourch


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